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For synthetic filaments, our factory should be noted as the pioneer in China in developing and producing dyed solid round chemically tapered filament. Since its introduction into the market, approximately 15 years ago, this dyed chemically tapered filament is well received by a variety of renowned brush makers in Europe and the USA.

Striving for innovation in added value product development is its mission. After more than 3 years of persistence in research and development, our factory is proud to introduce a new filament, High Imitated Bristle (HIB, patent pending), to the paint brush industry.

This High Imitated Bristle is comparable with natural bristle in terms of physical features such as colour (black, white or grey), surface appearance, and painting performance such as : paint pick up, paint release and painting quality. It is an excellent alternative and substitute for natural bristle in paint brush making under the current keen competitive market place.

Dyed CT-blue
Dyed CT-Red
Mixed Bristle/CT (RB-W-101)
Small Hollow CT (HT-C-103)
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